Thursday, April 19, 2018

How to update Your Kitchen

Maybe you’re someone that’s had an older kitchen for a long time. You may want to remodel it in order to have it somewhat keep up with the new trends. Problem is, people think that the only way to make a big change in the kitchen is to do a full on remodeling. Sure, you can, and if you have the money, you should potentially do it. but, did you know that you can do a few things to really change this? well, now you can, and you’ll be able to do it, without breaking the bank. Here is how.

First, look at your hardware in the kitchen. This is a super simple fix and going from old to new doesn’t mean that you need to spend a ton of money. You can go to the hardware store and look at the many different options. You can choose a thing at a time to update, and you can actually get some super sleek appliances for super cheap if you don’t want to break the bank.

Now, another super cheap way to fix up your kitchen is painting. You might be surprised by this, but really painting the walls and such will give new life to the kitchen. You can do the cabinets, but if you do, remember that this isn’t something that is super easy. It involves a ton of sanding, which might be too much if you’re not into doing DIY projects. Another option however, is rustoleum, which is actually a liquid stripping agent that you can put on there to not have to do the sanding. You can repaint them then, and you’ll make them feel new and fresh. By doing this combined with a lighter and more neutral tone, you can give your kitchen cabinets a newer and airier feeling to the place and give your kitchen the update that you want to give it.

Then there is a backsplash. Typically, this takes a lot to put in, and it can also be quite expensive. However, if you want to do it yourself, there are options today. One of these options is faux paneling, especially faux brick paneling, and this in turn will allow you to renovate the backsplash of a kitchen in just one afternoon. You can get them, and they’re easy to apply, and they’re impervious to moisture, which makes it super easy to clean. They’re also secured with screws and nails, so they’re an easy DIY project that you can essentially accomplish in one sort of afternoon, unlike having to wait forever for someone to come about to actually do this.

Finally, let’s talk appliances. This is different from the hardware because these are what you’re actually using. Now, you probably think that you can’t upgrade these because they’re expensive, and while yes, the can be the most expensive option, they often go a long way in the future. It definitely is also a great thing to consider if you’re looking to resell as well, since it definitely does add value to the home.

This doesn’t have to be everything either. You may have an appliance that’s white or black, and that looks dated and old. Adding in a stainless steel option is quite simple, and not totally expensive. If you don’t’ have the money to get brand new stuff at the hardware store, you can try consignment. There are many places where you can look and if you find an appliance that is gently used, that still has a lot of life to them, and you can get the updated look without paying a full price tag, it’s a great way to truly give life to the kitchen, and to give you the home that you want.

You can update your kitchen without spending money, and you can see from here that the options of getting a new and improved atmosphere will help with improving your life, and your mind, and it will also majorly increase your resale value and your home value, so it’s worth it to try and update the kitchen today, since it’ll give you a better, brighter tomorrow as a result of all of this.

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